Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lots of updates

Hey I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this but if you are, I apologize for not updating in a while. A lot has been going on so I'll do my best with this post to update everyone up to this point!

Let's see, first off and probably the biggest is that I'm getting a site change. I won't go into too much detail but my other school was the first site for a PCV and I just don't think they were ready yet for a volunteer. So I found out I was moving before I left for the USA in December. So I packed up all of my stuff, put it on a ship, and sent it to the capital (yes even my bicycle which I was a little worried about). Everything actually made it just fine which was a big relief.

So about 8 of us all bought the same plane ticket to go home for the states in December which was cool because it beats travelling alone. After some very long plane rides (Vanuatu -> Fiji -> LA -> North Carolina -> Newark) I finally made it home! It was so incredible to see my family and friends again after being away for over a year. In the US I feel like everything has changed and yet everything is the same, it's hard to explain but so much has changed but really its the same as how I left it. I had an incredible time eating all of the best foods there is. I really missed good pizza and calzones and it goes on and on but basically food is really great, don't take for granted the ease and accessibility for getting any kind of kakae (food) you want!

Some other things you shouldn't take for granted: electricity and internet. Both are few and far between in Vanuatu and having both all of the time is really crazy but also extremely convenient and nice to have.

When I was home I did a lot of stuff that I can only do in America like bowling, movies, etc... I won't go on too much about my trip back home because this blog is about being a PCV in Vanautu but one thing that I got to do was ski again which was awesome and probably the thing I miss the most when I'm over there. I even was lucky enough to go on a trip to Stratton, Vermont with my two friends which you guys can check out here if ya like:

I just came back to Vanuatu mid January and I was really looking forward to coming back. I know I had a site change but I wasn't sure which island I was going to next until I actually got here. It turns out I'm going to central Pentecost which should be a good time. It's totally francophone which means I need to start learning French if I want to fit in! I also have a river right by my site which is really cool, never have to take a bucket shower again! I don't know too much about the site but I'll be back in Vila again soon for training and then I can update everyone on the new site.

In the meantime here are some random pics I took since my last post, enjoy:
The flier for my farwell party

Me and my host brother at my farewell feast

One of my best buddies on Ambae, the chaplain with my farwell gifts


I'll miss this dog

Me giving a speech at my farwell party

All of the bags the great people at Londua gave me


Me and my counterpart/best friend Samsley

The wonderful truck of Londua!

Me and my friend Calvin wearing nambas


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